New apartments planned on Knox Abbott Drive in Cayce

Posted by WISTV June 5, 2014


Plans are underway to build an apartment complex in Cayce. View the WISTV story (more)

New Apartments coming to Cayce

Posted by The State- May 5, 2014


“Cayce is definitely an up and coming place.” Gregg Pinner, President of West Metro Chamber of Commerce (more)

Nephron Pharmaceuticals opened for business in Cayce

Posted by Posted by The State June 4, 2014


“Nephron projected hiring 700 people over 10 years in its initial calculations, but said in February 2013 it likely would ‘blow through’ those estimates within a few years of startup of the $313 million plant, which could encase 1.2 million square feet when complete…” (more)

Halco Lubricants will open their first SC location in Cayce

Posted by Midlandsbiz June 3, 2014


“After extensive, market-wide search, Halco selected Cayce to locate. “The City of Cayce has been a good partner to collaborate to bring Halco to our market coupled with a facility that was an excellent fit,” said Beverly Frost,  Broker Associate at CBRE/Columbia who represented Halco in the transaction.”… (more)

Cayce plans facelift through thoroughfare

Posted by Posted by The State January 4, 2014


“….The plan for the facelift along three blocks “puts us in the seat to start moving forward,” (Elise) Partin said. … It promises “to give the city a boost much needed,” said Gregg Pinner, executive director of the West Metro Chamber of Commerce.”… (more)

Cayce expands trails and outdoor recreation possiblities

Posted by Midlandsbiz May 20, 2014


“This area is such an important historic place not just for Cayce and Lexington county, but for the Midlands, and the State,” stated Cayce Mayor Elise Partin. “It is our hopes that others around the region will take a look at the importance of trails and walkways and how they positively impact citizen’s health and overall quality of life.” (more)

Tree planting celebrates Arbor Day

Posted by Columbia Daily December 18, 2013


“The Cayce community continues to demonstrate a commitment to caring for and managing our trees and green spaces,” she (Elise Partin) said. “Trees not only beautify our parks, streets and our Riverwalk; they also add to our overall quality of life here in the city of Cayce.” (more)