Vote Nov. 7, 2023

Why do we need to keep Elise Partin as Mayor of Cayce?

  • Cayce has some of the lowest taxes and fees in the region with the highest quality of life.
  • Elise is nonpartisan. That means she is truly a mayor for all. Citizens' voices shape our future thanks to all the ways she has made sure we are heard.
  • City staff are supported to do what they love -- invest in our citizens and our city.

Elise is a public servant. Not a politician. She puts Cayce first. And it shows.

Cayce is Safer

Crime is down in Cayce.

According to FBI and SLED stats from 2019 to 2023:

  • Burglaries are down by 44%.
  • Thefts are down by 50%.
  • Aggravated assaults are down by 20%.

Cayce's streets are kept safer for you.

A recent increase in traffic stops and citations by the Cayce Police Department means that our police are doing their job in keepings our streets safe for kids, pedestrians, cyclists and fellow drivers alike. An increase in traffic stops does not equal an increase in crime. In fact, per FBI and SLED reports, crime has decreased in Cayce over the last five years.

In Cayce, our police response time is among the lowest in the region.

The average response time for a distress call to Cayce Police dispatch is 2 minutes and 9 seconds, per Cayce PD stats reported in September 2023.

Cayce residents want to keep this positive momentum going.

Since Elise became our Mayor, so much progress has been made.

Transparency and Communication

Public Comment *Before* Council Meetings

Before Mayor Elise, public comment at Council Meetings was at the end of the meeting. Now, it’s at the beginning, where your voice can be included in how Council works.

Live Streaming City Council Meetings

Before Mayor Elise, Council chambers did not have the capability to broadcast or live stream City Council meetings. Now, Council chambers have been updated with audio-visual technology, and Council meetings are viewable live, online, via the City of Cayce website.

Monthly Meet the Mayor Sessions

Before Mayor Elise, there was no “Meet with the Mayor.” Now there is a standard time each month when citizens know they can meet face to face with the Mayor: at 5pm before each monthly City Council meeting, typically held on the first Tuesday of the month.

Annual Budget Reports on Roll-Carts

Before Mayor Elise, there was little communication with citizens. Now, there is robust communication and transparency including the monthly meetings with Neighborhood Leaders, thorough background materials for Council meetings posted for the public and easy-to-read budget report flyers, which are hand-taped to roll carts annually to make it easy for all residents to see.

Monthly Meeting of Neighborhood Leaders

Before Mayor Elise, there was no monthly meeting of neighborhood leaders. Now, there is robust communication that makes our City better, including ordinances and action that has resulted from the important dialogue with our neighborhoods.

Connection with Faith-Based Community

Before Mayor Elise, there was no regular connection with our faith-based leaders. Now there is robust, regular connection resulting in Little Free Libraries and more for our City.

Economic Development

Knox Abbott Revitalization

Before Mayor Elise, Knox Abbott Drive was a thoroughfare. Now, thanks to a traffic calming and pedestrian safety plan, there are more businesses and more reasons to stop.

State Street Revitalization

Before Mayor Elise, most businesses on State Street were shuttered. Now, there are new small businesses bringing jobs and life to our original downtown.

Investment in Quality of Life

Before Mayor Elise, Cayce was not considered a top residential real estate market. Now, property values in many areas have more than doubled thanks to the City’s long-term commitment to investing in quality of life via grants to promote infrastructure, beautification and more.


Drainage and Flooding Grants

Before Mayor Elise, there was no attention paid to flooding issues. Now, without having to use taxpayer dollars, the City coordinates multi-million-dollar grants to improve drainage issues from the last century. This includes a $10 million dollar grant that was just awarded in 2023 by the State of South Carolina for Avenues drainage issues.

Massive Waterline Replacement in 2017

Before Mayor Elise, there were water line breaks constantly, with complaints of brown water. Now, 70% of the City’s waterlines, both residential and commercial, were replaced in 2017 thanks to a massive public works project that the Mayor and City staff spearheaded in partnership with the State of South Carolina.

Access to Parks

Before Mayor Elise, there was little attention paid to our parks. Now, the majority of citizens live within one mile of a park, and even those with mobility challenges can enjoy the Riverwalk through our Golf Cart program.

12 Miles of Riverfront Trails

Before Mayor Elise, Cayce was not known as a destination for recreation. Now, residents and visitors alike enjoy 12 miles of riverfront recreation trails patrolled and maintained by Park Safety Officers, who are part of the Cayce Public Safety department.

Airport Corridor Beautification

Before Mayor Elise, there was no regional collaboration for beautifying the airport entrance corridor. Now, Cayce, West Columbia, Springdale and Lexington County have collaborated on an airport gateway project to even further beautify the corridor to the airport.

Support for Public Safety, Fire, Sanitation and City Services

Safer Police Vehicles

Before Mayor Elise, most police cars had 100,000 miles or more on them. Now, we are more efficient with taxpayer dollars and have reliable equipment for our Police officers.

Safer Firefighting Equipment

Before Mayor Elise, firefighters didn’t have standard breathing gear for fighting fires. Now, they have the equipment they need to help each other as well as us in an emergency.

Savings Account

Before Mayor Elise, the City had a negative fund balance (no savings). Now, we operate responsibly and efficiently being careful with taxpayer dollars.

Support for City Staff

Before Mayor Elise, the sanitation team did not have rain gear, and the business license staff only used paper ledgers. Now, we support our team with the equipment they need to do the job we are asking them to do.

Citizen Involvement

Before Mayor Elise, there was no Public Safety Foundation or Cayce Beautification Foundation. Now, there are new ways for citizens to support our emergency personnel and our City.

Citizen Support for our Police

Before Mayor Elise, there was little connection between citizens. Now, there is a City that is so connected that residents rallied around us at our toughest hour when we lost one of our Public Safety officers.

Great Customer Service

Before Mayor Elise, citizens were considered to be “in the way.” Now, there is a great culture of customer service at City Hall.

Get Involved and VOTE November 7, 2023

Get involved, contribute, and most importantly VOTE on November 7, 2023, and let's keep this great teamwork moving forward!

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